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Tel: 306-652-5483 or 306-371-3574

Daily Soups

What are the soups for today?

All our soups are made from scratch each morning so they are not available until 11:15. If you try and order soups through Uber before that time we will have to cancel your order. 

September Soup Schedule

1 | 15 turkey lemon rice gf   &   broccoli cheddar gf

2 | 16 chicken noodle   &   ginger carrot gf.v

3 | 17 spicy peanut sweet potato gf.v  &  cream of roasted red pepper gf 

4 | 18 minestrone v   &   cream of crab + asaparagus gf

5 | 19 cream of turkey mushroom potato sage gf  &  tomato basil gf.v

6 | 20 Italian wedding   &   green thai coconut lentil gf.v

7 | 21 ginger beef  &  zumma borscht gf.v  &  butternut squash parsnip

8 | 22 scrawny Ronnie's beef chili gf  &  mushroom spinach wild rice gf.v

9 | 23 beet borscht gf.v   &   perogy   &   beef cabbage roll gf

10 | 24 turkey lime tortilla gf   &   coconut ginger sweet potato gf.v

11 | 25 chicken coconut lime gf   &   veggie pizza gf

12 | 26 seafood chowder gf   &   Queen of the Nile lentil gf.v

13 | 27 thai peanut pumpkin gf.v   &   dill pickle gf

14 | 28 beef stroganoff   &   tomato tortellini 


d'lish Catering 

   Catering can be done in two ways. First option is everyone goes through the menu and orders what they want. We will label the meals with the everyone's name. Second option is we can offer and assortment of paninis with side soups or salad. This options is the better option for larger groups. We will accept orders through email but you must call the café before placing the order. We need to know to check for the email and also we might be booked up on the day you're wanting.

    We do offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

    For Catering orders please order 2-3 days in advanced preferably around 2pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Please ask for Britt, she'll help you out. We limit our catering orders to groups of 15 or less. 

    Orders must be picked up from d'lish. We do not offer delivery. Payment will be made when you pick up the order or if needed, over the phone with a credit card. A %15 gratuity will be added to all catering orders. Receipts can be emailed, texted or a paper copy.

    Everything will come individually wrapped. Utensils will be provided if needed.

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